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Day in a Handstand: The Snatch

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As Tim heads out to run some errands for the day he is caught off guard by an act of evil his conscience couldn't let him ignore.. Starring & Directed by Tim Shieff Filmed and produced by Visive Productions M...

Day in a Handstand: Homeless

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Since receiving 'the letter' life has been hard on Tim and he's forced to live life on the streets... Starring & Directed by Tim Shieff Filmed and produced by Visive Productions Special guest: Damien Walters ...

Day in a Handstand: The Letter

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Things start to take a turn for the worse, as Tim receives a rather upsetting life changing letter. Starring & Directed by Tim Shieff Filmed and produced by Claudiu Voicu Special guest: JME Music: Herman ...

Day in a Handstand – Walking the Dog

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Livewire taking us to yet another handstand experience where he walks his dog, always upside down!  

Day in a Handstand – London Underground

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Tim Livewire Shieff takes us on an upside down journey showing us what would happen if one could have a day in a handstand. Artistic and powerful.

Generation Yamakasi

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One of the most deep documentaries about Parkour\Art du Deplacement you can find. A lot of philosophy on this one, each member explaining their own view and how all of them connect, plus amazing and inspirational m...

Rush Hour – David Belle

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For old school Traceurs, and many new ones, this is the video that probably started it all. David Belle performing for a commercial for British Channel BBC. Everything about this video is inspirational, everybody w...

Ballade a la Paillade

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A great flow video, very creative, and strong, showing true Parkour movement and effective obstacle control, overcoming and continuing, like water.   Video and music by l1consolable

Jump Britain (2005) 1/6

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This is Part 1 of 6, here's a link to the playlist for the full video of Jump Britain, sequel to Jump London made in 2003, directed by Mike Christie: Tracing the short history of parkour and freerunning in Britain an...

Jump London 2003 FULL Video

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And here it is, one of the most well-known and inspiring documentaries and treatises on freerunning and parkour, Jump London: Jump London is a documentary first broadcast by Channel 4 about parkour and free running i...

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