Danny’s back with a beautiful slow motion video – L.A. found – be inspired by his grace and purity of motion! Watch and get inspired!

Thanks a ton to Audible for making all this a possibility!

I am super excited to finally be able to share this video with you guys. Daniel Ilabaca is an awesome friend and truly unique human being. It was definitely a privilege to be able to capture some of this epicness as we explored Los Angeles for a week in this slow motion short aptly titled “L.A. Found”. I hope you all enjoy! Make sure to stay tuned because I have some more video with Danny coming out this year!

Daniel’s Social Media!…

Josh Hill – It was a big help to have a dude around I could trust to get epic shots when I needed him to. If you wanna check out some more of his work, head on over to the Killion Street YouTube page or to the video “Chaps on Tour USA”. He got some sick shots in that mix!

Killion Street

Chaps on Tour USA 2014…

“Breathing Fire” by Flares
Licensed via Audio Socket

Special Thanks to the following homies who all helped make this thing awesome in various ways. You guys rock!
Ever Claros
Josh Yadon
Ben Cusick
Celeste Barbosa
Stevy Ilabaca
Robert Stowell-Smith

Shot on a Sony FS700 & Canon 5dMK3

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