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Earth Hour 2014 Singapore – Superfly Parkour Performance

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Superfly Monkey Dragons were invited by WWF Singapore to perform at Singapore's Earth Hour 2014 weekend at Marina Bay! Check out some of the highlights from the rehearsals, performance and of course some good ol' h...

Botang Abroad

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Brodie Pawson & Christian Wallman headed over to Singapore for 2 week to train with the locals. Thanks to the Singapore Parkour Community for coming out and training. Special thanks to Xirui & family, also Ia...

Line Team – UniverCidade

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Following last year's video of a University ''invasion'', Line Team were asked to come back, and bring more people, and invade more Institutes! The outcome is amazing: ''Following last year's video featuring Sér...

The Locals – Breaking Jump

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Great Music video by Taiwan band The Locals, featuring one of the guys from Yun Bao team, wearing a Superfly TEE!! Check the video out, looks awesome!

Team Farang – Dropkicks and Rooftops

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Team Farang is a well know free running team that unites a selected group of traceurs from around the world, that became known principally after having moved in Bangkok, Thailand, and revealing to the community a plac...

Train how to jump more – Pedro Salgado

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Pedro Salgado, greets us this year with a motivational videofor workout based on the outcome of jumping more.   Line Team's Pedro has been known for his amazing explosive dynamics, and in this video, he sho...

Superfly Parkour Showdown

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We recapture a memorable Superfly Even where the Singapore Parkour community came together for a fun weekend of jammin’, workshops and friendly competition. If you were there at the License 2 Play Superfly Parkour ...

2013 – Mix’n'Match

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Presented by Singapore's own CP aka Denester, this is a recap of a lot of things that happened to him, not only in Singapore, but all over the world! Positive attitude and mad skills characterise this video, showin...

Lou Wills – Inspiring Master of Movement

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One of the greatest acrobatic tap dancers of all time. He was the protege of the great Lou Wills, who taught him the acrobatic moves you are seeing above. Lou took on his name, adding the "Jr." This is Parkour i...

Just Move – Parkour and Freerunning 2013

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Just move Parkour and Free running compilation 2013

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