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The Forgotten Athletes: Part 2

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Traceurs Kie Willis, Phil Doyle, Paul 'Blue' Joseph and Tim 'Livewire' Shieff are back, in the second and final part of The Forgotten Athletes, with more mind blowing moves than before. Enjoy!

The Forgotten Athletes: Part 1

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Traceurs Kie Willis, Phil Doyle, Tim 'Livewire' Shieff and Paul 'Blue' Joseph showcase their awesome skills and demonstrate what a true traceur is. They are...The Forgotten Athletes.

Daniel Ilabaca – New Years Eve Eve

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Just another training day with known faces, such as Livewire, Phil Doyle, and of course Daniel Ilabaca! Oh no wait, it was the last day of 2007! :P

Daniel Ilabaca – London 2006

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Great oldschool video showcasing young Daniel as he discovers London through movement.

Max Runham

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In case you wondering, yes, Max only has one arm, and his skill is amazing. Parkour can be done by anyone, and anyone can push their limits and create new ones, taking their own level to other heights!   So...

Professor Longhair, Big Chief

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A must see to any practitioner, this video embodies Phil Doyle's skills and apart from that, it's just fun to watch! Uk style up on this one, please enjoy!

Day in a Handstand: The Snatch

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As Tim heads out to run some errands for the day he is caught off guard by an act of evil his conscience couldn't let him ignore.. Starring & Directed by Tim Shieff Filmed and produced by Visive Productions M...

Day in a Handstand: Homeless

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Since receiving 'the letter' life has been hard on Tim and he's forced to live life on the streets... Starring & Directed by Tim Shieff Filmed and produced by Visive Productions Special guest: Damien Walters ...

Day in a Handstand – Walking the Dog

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Livewire taking us to yet another handstand experience where he walks his dog, always upside down!  

Day in a Handstand – London Underground

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Tim Livewire Shieff takes us on an upside down journey showing us what would happen if one could have a day in a handstand. Artistic and powerful.

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